Do you know that more than 4 lakh students are enrolling in MBA courses every year?

But, what makes such a huge student population choose MBA over many other postgraduate courses?

Students after their undergraduate degree consider an MBA degree as a pathway to professional success and this has persuaded them to take the course. Are you feeling the same way?
If yes, then get to know everything about MBA courses and start your MBA journey now.


MBA Courses at Biju Patnaik Institute of Information Technology & Management Studies:

Biju Patnaik Institute of Information Technology & Management Studies being one of the best colleges for MBA offer a range of MBA courses for both students after 12th grade and UG degree students.

Get to know MBA full information courses below.

MBA Course

Course Description


Eligibility Criteria & Admission Procedure

Regular Full-time MBA

MBA, i.e., Master of Business Administration is a cogent postgraduate degree provided with a notion to train students with top-notch management and administration skills to fit into the managerial column of any chosen industry verticals.

It focuses on educating business management and administration aspects in a comprehensive way.

2 years

The basic eligibility criteria for MBA admission at Biju Patnaik Institute of Information & Management Studies is a minimum of 50% aggregate in any UG degree from any recognized educational institution.

MBA admission is provided to candidates with a passing score in the OJEE Entrance Exam.

Integrated MBA

An integrated MBA is a combinational course of undergraduate and postgraduate levels that covers business education from the elementary level to the advanced level.

Integrated MBA courses are exclusively designed for students aspiring strongly with a clear vision to establish themselves in the business world.

5 years

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue an integrated MBA at Biju Patnaik Institute of Information Technology & Management Studies are as follows:

●     Candidates should have completed 10+2 or equivalent at any

recognized educational institution.

●     The candidate should have scored a minimum of 45% aggregate


MBA admission is provided to candidates with a passing score in the OJEE Entrance Exam.

We offer the best MBA courses under various specializations such as marketing, finance, information technology, human resources, and operations.

What makes an MBA degree the pathway to professional success?

From students of earlier generations to students of the current generation, everyone considers an MBA degree as the pathway to professional success for a wide range of factors. Get to know them below.

Source: MBA News Australia

Acquire Notable Skills:

MBA degree programs have a notable focus on skill development as these skills are the pillars that lift you to high career levels. Here are the skills that are inculcated in MBA students:

  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Critical Thinking skills
  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Decision-Making skills
  • Team Management skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Stress handling skills
  • Solution designing skills

Advance in Your Career:

As you develop relevant management education and skills an MBA, aids students in their advanced careers.

Pursuing an MBA unlocks a great range of managerial positions which is a great upliftment in the career and always comes with MBA placement support.

Take a look at some of the top career options that are available for pursuing an MBA degree.

Job Roles

Average Salary in INR

Marketing Analyst

4.53 LPA

Marketing Executive


Sales Manager

4.57 LPA

Human Resource Manager

8.13 LPA

Talent Acquisition Specialist

6.5 LPA

Compensation Manager


Financial Analyst

3.5 LPA

Accounting Manager


Business Analyst


Information System Analyst


IT Strategist

10 LPA

Software Manager

15 LPA

Establish Strong Professional Networks:

MBA courses extend a great networking opportunity that can weighed on for greater career advancement. Networks are always the connecting bridges to move forward in the career graph to higher levels and establishing an enhanced professional network is made possible by opting for an MBA course.

Boost Up Your Salary and Earning Potential:

Professional success is not just climbing higher on the career ladder but also involves boosting your salary and earning potential.

Pursuing MBA courses aids students in developing their professional value which in turn propels them towards notable career positions with increased salaries.

On average, MBA graduates tend to earn higher salaries compared to those with only a bachelor’s degree, with the potential for even greater earning potential as you progress in your career.

Job Opportunities in Top Establishments:

Getting entry into top business establishments is a dream for millions of students and an MBA makes it possible. Take a look at some of the top hiring companies for MBA graduates.

Source: Payscale

Prestige and Credibility:

Finally, holding an MBA degree is a pride factor as it is also a status of personal growth allowing you to enhance your value in the best possible way.

All these factors and reasons make MBA courses the pathway to professional success.

Further on, pursuing an MBA degree at a top college like ours Biju Patnaik Institute of Information Technology & Management Studies adds value to your MBA journey.

We at our college, offer MBA courses of high value with exceptional education faculty who render a high-quality management education. We offer professional training support in placements via skill training sessions, placement support, and much more.

Start your MBA journey with us for a great career in the future.


On the whole, MBA courses offer a great level of experience and exposure to professional environments thus propelling you towards a great career success in your chosen business field.


A professional MBA degree is a 2-year postgraduate management degree that educates students on fundamental aspects of business management and administration.

MBA is a professional degree as it offers cogent management education that aids in relevant managerial skill development for professional upliftment.

MBA eligibility criteria is a candidate with a UG degree with a minimum passing score of 50% at any recognised educational institution.

Yes, 12th pass can go for MBA by opting integrated MBA course which is combination of undergraduate and postgraduate management degree.

  • Master of Management Studies
  • PhD in Management