Do you know that there has been a major shift in students’ choice from regular MBA to integrated MBA degree in the recent decade?

But, what is the reason behind that?

As per a survey, the ultimate reason behind choosing an integrated MBA degree is much more accelerated career growth. But, how does this course accelerate career growth?

Wanna find the answer to this question?

Read this blog to learn more about integrate MBA and how it aids in career advancement.


  • Everything about an integrated MBA degree at Biju Patnaik Institute of Information Technology & Management Studies
  • Ways in which an integrated MBA degree accelerates career growth
  • Why BIITM Bhubaneswar is the right choice for your integrated MBA course?
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Everything about an integrated MBA degree at Biju Patnaik Institute of Information Technology & Management Studies:

If management roles and positions are the career target for students after the 12th, then an integrated MBA degree is the right choice.

An integrated MBA is an exclusive one-shot business education course that covers both undergraduate and postgraduate levels via its course duration and curriculum. This advance MBA enables students to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in business administration in a shorter time frame compared to pursuing each degree separately.

Here are further details on the course.


An integrated MBA duration is 5 years and is also known as a “5-year MBA” or “dual degree program”. This course is designed with 7 semesters focussing on undergraduate level education followed by the last three semesters of MBA specialisations

This course exhibits a smooth transition from the undergraduate education to the postgraduate education without a break.

Eligibility Criteria:

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue integrated MBA courses at Biju Patnaik Institute of Information Technology & Management Studies are as follows:

  • Candidates should have completed 10+2 or equivalent at any recognised educational institution.
  • The candidate should have scored a minimum of 45% aggregate score.

Admission Proecdure:

Admission to integrated MBA after 12th is provided by considering OJEE Exam at our college, BIITM Bhubaneswar.


Being one of the top colleges in the BBA MBA integrated course colleges list we offer the MBA specialisations for students:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Operations

With a clear idea of the integrated MBA degree that we offer at our college, let us move on to understand how this course accelerated your career growth.

Ways in which an integrated MBA degree accelerates career growth:

An integrated MBA course is designed in such a way that it focuses exclusive career growth in the following aspects.

One-shot strong management education:

The primary aspect of accelerated career development is a strong foundation in management education and an integrated MBA offers it.

An integrated MBA degree covers the entire span from the undergraduate management degree to the postgraduate level with a smooth transition thus avoiding the gap between the UG degree and MBA. Here is a graph depicting that there is a high percentage of MBA students beyond the age of 25 rather than between 20-24, thus confirming the above statement.

Source: Times of India

Rather than switching gears after completing a bachelor’s degree, students can seamlessly transition into graduate-level coursework without the need to adjust to a new environment or academic rigor.

Remarkable Skill Development:

Acquiring or developing relevant skills is essential for projected career growth and an integrated MBA offers remarkable skill development.

Students pursuing this course gradually develop the following managerial skills:

  • Adaptability
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Critical Thinking skills
  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Decision-Making skills
  • Team Management skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Stress handling skills
  • Solution designing skills

Dual Specialisation Opportunity:

Pursuing an integrated MBA degree offers the opportunity to pursue dual specialisation in the business aspects such as marketing, finance, IT, Human Resources, etc.

This dual specialisation in integrated MBA is an added boon for great careers after MBA.

Incredible Career Opportunities:

MBA itself has a better career scope, exceeding its value the scope of integrated MBA degree is much better. This course earns a high-standard recognition in many top companies and thus opens the door for a top range of job opportunities.

Some of the top companies that prefer and hire integrated MBA graduates preferably are as follows:

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • TCS
  • Infosys
  • Accenture
  • TATA Groups
  • Apollo Groups
  • American Express
  • Deloitte

An integrated MBA with placement guidance offers a better pay scale and here are some of them:

Job Roles for Integrated BBA MBA Graduates

Average Salary (INR)

Sales Manager


Digital Marketer


Business Head


Management Consultant


Human Resource Manager


Retail Manager


Networking Opportunities:

An integrated MBA degree offers enhanced networking opportunities which are always the best road for career upgrades.

Integrated MBA programs often provide ample networking opportunities with peers, faculty, and industry professionals. Building a strong professional network early on can open doors to internships, job opportunities, and mentorship that can accelerate career growth.

On the whole, an integrated MBA degree is designed to meet every possible requirement for accelerated career growth.

Moving on, why should you consider our college for your integrated MBA degree.

Why BIITM Bhubaneswar is the right choice for your integrated MBA degree?

Biju Patnaik Institute of Information Technology & Management Studies can be the right choice for your integrated MBA degree for the following reasons.

  • BIITM holds a highly qualified educational faculty panel that offers remarkable management education to its students.
  • BIITM BBSR MBA course fee is very much affordable compared to many other management colleges.
  • We possess a well-equipped traditional and digital library with a complete source for extraordinary management education.
  • We have communication labs that train students in essential communication skills which is considered one of the mandatory skills for a successful managerial-level career in the business world.
  • We also have business Simulation Training facilities to offer students real-world exposure to the business field.
  • We offer skill development training sessions and conduct huge placement drives.


In conclusion, an integrated MBA degree is navigated towards accelerated career growth irrespective of the chosen field in today’s business world.


Integrated MBA is offered for a duration of 5 years.

An MBA accelerates one’s career with its streamlined management education and skill development from the fundamental level to the advanced level.

An integrated MBA is important for students who are planning to completely delve into the business world as a professional or an entrepreneur.

An MBA helps you achieve your career goals with significant management education and managerial skill development by global business perspective exposure.